Which Social Media Tops the List for Small Businesses?

According to a recent report, Facebook outrules its competition when it comes to small businesses engaging in social media. We knew that of course (could have saved them the trouble of making the survey :-)).  The Wall Street Journal’s European edition cites an interview with Michael Stelzner, founder of SocialMediaExaminer.  He says that small businesses place great value on social media because they’ve always been the torch-bearers for it.

The study also shows that small businesses are benefiting the most because larger companies simply can’t move quick enough to keep up. According to Stelzner, social media provides an opportunity for small and agile businesses to get a leg up over their larger competitors.

When it comes to Facebook’s rivals, Stelzner expects LinkedIn to grow in popularity among small-business owners this year, because the site has added a number of new features for sharing and promoting links to third-party content, such as news articles. These are handy features for any small business owner and good tools for creating value and lasting client relations.

On a personal note: I’m still struggling a bit with LinkedIn, even though I try to put in a regular appearance. Twitter works fine if you want to reach the crowd who’ve already bought the social media package. But so far it still seems good old FB is best for getting that perfect mix of marketing AND creating & maintaining relationships with customers. Or transforming customers into friends and friends into customers. How about you? Which social media is your favourite?

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