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Hey Coach – We Want Out!

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the leader of my daughter’s basket team. He’s new at the job and full of energy, so he outlined a very ambitious programme for Summer, with several tournaments fitted into the schedule, both at … Continue reading

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Random Acts of Kindness

Last week our family encountered one of those modern-day-disasters, when the microwave just popped. Literally popped, and blew the fuses from the entire kitchen. Big-time crisis, obviously, since at this busy time of year my cooking mainly consists of heating … Continue reading

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Pep Talking

The other day I held my last lesson for this Spring and as customary, I handed out those evaluation forms. This time it was a bit daunting, since I’d been away from teaching quite a long time and felt a … Continue reading

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5 Reasons why Summer is the Best Time-of-Year

1. You get away with only half the amount of laundry because everybody walks around semi-naked most of the time (I know, this obsession I have with laundry is bugging me too…) 2. Those pale and dry winter legs eventually … Continue reading

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Hockey Mania!

Normally I’m not a huge fan of ice-hockey, got to admit that. But it was virtually impossible not to be moved by the incredible spirit showed by the Finnish Lions, while they were fighting their way towards a well-earned gold … Continue reading

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ESC Mania

Is there anything more hilarious than the Eurovision Song Contest? Probably not. I must admit that as a child, my knowledge of fellow European countries was largely derived from this classic TV event. Then came a few years when I … Continue reading

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Five Things all Husbands Need to Know

1) Your wife deserves a break sometimes. Between the washing, ironing, dusting, school runs, grocery shopping, dentist’s appointments, dinner planning, PA-meetings, wiping up after the dog, calling grandma, sending those birthday cards, buying presents, juggling everybody’s schedule AND trying to … Continue reading

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