Taking a break really does it!

I hope you all had a good Easter break with lots of sleep, good food and nice company. I sure did. Joined hubby & kids on a trip up North to visit both our families. It was nice to see everybody and the fabulous, summery weather didn’t hurt either.

Bosse, recovering from the strains of traveling…

The only one in our pack who doesn’t enjoy a change of scenery is our dog Bosse. If he could choose, we’d stay at home all the time. When we’re away, he has to keep a constant eye on me to make sure I won’t leave him anywhere, which tends to become a bit stressful for both of us in a while. But that small detail aside, our Easter break was a very nice one.

I have to admit I’m not very good at taking breaks. Doing odd jobs here and there and running your own business means you’re bound to stretch into irregular working hours and being on-the-job more or less all the time. If not working, then at least keeping up with your contacts, e-mails, Facebook and whatever else that needs updating on a regular basis.

Me resting in the sun (and not a computer in sight!)

This time I chose to really take a break, which meant only checking up on Facebook a couple of times through my phone, and a strict no-no to e-mails, work calls, blogging and tweeting. And it worked like a charm. I even got to bed at a decent hour every night, so I’m feeling fairly well rested.

Ok, so I realize most of you already know that it’s a good idea to take a holiday every once in a while :-). I’m just happy this workaholic has finally figured it out too…

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