Happy Late Camper

These late hours are by far my best time. Everyone else is asleep, the house is quiet and I can work without any of the disturbances that always pop up otherwise. Even the dog went to bed already and is snoring reassuringly upstairs.

The only sound down here is the dishwasher mowing away. Other than that, it’s just me putting my feet up. By the way: that is by far the best working position there is!

When it comes to work I’ve just started an interesting new project with people I’m very much looking forward to working with. That in itself is a source of inspiration and it makes me not mind the late hours at all. At its best, work can be very fulfilling indeed! I hope you all get to feel that way too & have a fabulous working week. I know I will :-).

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2 Responses to Happy Late Camper

  1. noracc says:

    Haha, sååå roligt var det inte 🙂

  2. Alva says:

    Just så. Vad elakt att ha roligt när jag sover 😦

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