D-Day as in Disaster

Election Day, 17th of April 2011. The day when Finland officially listed itself as one of the most backward nations in Europe. Not only did a near-fascist party get a substantial share of the votes, we’re now potentially facing the fact that their leader Timo Soini could make claims to become Prime Minister. How could this happen?

Who voted for this man??

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4 Responses to D-Day as in Disaster

  1. noracc says:

    Katti: yes, I did. But I was too polite to say so :-). But it is indeed a STRIKING resemblance…!

  2. noracc says:

    Alva: det är en finsk politiker, sannfinländaren Timo Soini. Som för övrigt bor i Ivisnäs…

  3. Katti says:

    Note the striking resemblance between mr Soini and mr Toad from “The Wind in the Willows”.

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