Spring is in the Air

The sun is finally out and snow is melting fast. A typical Spring feature is also that you start digging out kids summer stuff from the cupboards and promptly discover that they’ve outgrown most of their stuff.

Also, my 11-year old informed me that everyone in her class has a pair of sneakers. And not just any sneakers; they have to be a particular, global brand. And as the kind mother I am, I took the kids shopping for new gear.

Sometimes I can’t help myself – I’ll happily give in to their fashion requests. Probably partly because my own parents (at the time) weren’t very conscious of the fact that for teenagers, having the right clothes and fitting in can sometimes be a survival question.

In this case it wasn’t as bad as that. But hearing the familiar phrase “everybody else has them too!” just amuses me so much, that I’ll give in just for the fun of it. Not very wise parenting, I know. And I’ll probably regret it later, when the requests become more demanding. I’ll try not to worry about that yet though – a pair of sneakers is still within my reach :-).

So, happily for now: here are Alva and Tore in their new gear:



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10 Responses to Spring is in the Air

  1. My converse are very, very nice: D Admit !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. noracc says:

    Hördu Alva, det går inte att få en ful bild på dig, du är för söt för det ❤

  3. NÄR gav jag dig tillåtelse att ladda upp den fulaste bilden på mig du hade? 😦

  4. noracc says:

    Jo, måste erkänna att jag tänkte tanken – men sen började jag räkna att om alla barnen får för sig att önska såna, så blir den totala kostnaden så hög att jag får offra mig. Vad gör man inte för sina barn (typ nöjer sig med fjolårets sneakers så att de ska få glänsa i nya :-))

  5. Snygga rosa converse! Du skulle ha roffat åt dig ett par åt dig själv också. 😉

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