Friday night and the living is easy…

Ok, so another working week hits the dust. Here comes the weekend – this time luckily without too many dos and dont’s. The only “do” for tomorrow is cooking dinner for some friends. Nice change to running around like a maniac at work trying to do too many things in too little time.

Even though it’s been a busy week, I haven’t been training at all, because of a minor operation 2 weeks ago. It’s strange how much time you suddenly have without all those strict routines. 2 more weeks to go – can’t remember if I’ve ever had a break that long. Even when I was pregnant with twins you’d find me at the gym – of course contrary to what any physician would have recommended…. Still, I know my body and its limitations, so there was never really any danger. And the twins came out fine, full-time and healthy, so no harm done :-).

I’m really looking forward to starting training again – or rather, my body looks forward to it (= my brain could definitely do with a bit more couch time!). 2 weeks of being still has meant aching shoulders, weird sensations of back pain and a generally lousy temper, which has affected both my family and the unfortunate students who’ve happened to get in my way…

I’m sending warm and compassionate thoughts to those of my friends who’d want to exercise but can’t, because of various restrictions, ailments and injuries. I feel for you! But if you don’t have anything like that restricting you: how can you cope without exercising? My body is definitely designed for strenuous physical activity on a regular basis, or it’ll just quit. Makes me wonder how many people feel like I’m doing now – but they’re always feeling like this because working out isn’t a part of their chosen daily routine?

Ok, so I won’t start preaching about this (even though it’s one of my pet peeves). I’ll let you off the hook for now. After all it’s Friday! And even I can’t claim to be particularly health conscious with a bowl of salted pistachios and a huge glass of red in front of me… Although it’s better than beer and crisps, that’s for sure :-). Gotcha!

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