Playing the Puzzle

Working as a translator you sometimes hear comments like “translating is just so dull, how can you do it every day?”. My answer usually is that I’m probably the wrong person to ask, since I fail to see the dullness in it. Sure, anybody who’s ever studied a language can remember those boring phrases you start out with, but once you get over that initial threshold,  translating something from one language to another can at best be a thrilling business.

Finding the exact corresponding phrase, idiom or wording for something is like being a kid and playing detective games. Or finding that last missing piece in a puzzle. In short: satisfaction :-). Also, when working for a client, you know you’re actually helping someone accomplish something that’s important to them, which is another motivating factor (at least compared to twisting those empty and meaningless phrases back in school…).

I also enjoy the freedom this way of working provides. There’s seldom a fixed schedule for doing things and nobody tells me when and where I need to do my work. Then again, the downside of being an entrepreneur is that you mostly need to take the jobs as they come along, meaning the occasional evening or weekend shift. But for me personally that’s fine, since I’m not a great fan of doing your regular 8 hr office stretch anyway.

Have a good working week everybody!

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