Furious flying

Thank goodness I don’t need to fly very often. My main travels are conducted between Sweden and Finland and luckily those trips can often be made by boat. I much prefer the slow and steady pace of ferries compared to the fast and furious flying world. Although “fast and furious” could probably by some be considered a contradiction in terms – at least if you’ve spent too many hours on airports waiting for flights which are endlessly delayed…

There are some things about flying I just don’t get. What’s with these busy-busy businessmen who insist to drag along their week’s luggage, computers, newspapers, Ipads and every thinkable personal belonging into the cabin? And why do airlines pretend to be strict about in-cabin luggage, when actually they’re happy to let people bring their cows, chickens and dogs onboard…

The one-bag rule is a joke, except perhaps on Ryanair, who’s chosen the opposite: they don’t accept anything extra on board. The funniest part about flying with them is actually to watch the aggressive flight attendants scan the queue at the gates. And always – this never fails – some hopefuls are trying to bring on more stuff than they’re allowed. Like once in London, where I witnessed a teenage girl trying to bring a huge TV screen onboard. In spite of warning signs the size of Nebraska, she’d missed the fact that this was a no-no. Much to the amusement of some fellow travelers, she was forced entry on the plane. But she probably remembered the one bag rule after that.

Also, there’s the must-do-shopping. Whose idea was it that traveling supposedly makes people want to spend their money on ridiculously overpriced items, which nowadays can be found in most well-stocked supermarkets? Besides, for some strange reason everything on airports costs a fortune, from a simple cup of coffee to postcards. The cafés are understaffed and overcrowded and the queuing lasts way longer than my patience.

Nope, if there’s time, I’ll take the ferry any day. Not that ferries are in any way an ideal hangout either. But that’s a different story. Nevertheless, I’m more than happy NOT to be traveling again (by any means) in the very near future.

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