Night-time thoughts

Don’t know what’s wrong with me. Can’t seem to get anything done during daytime. But when the sun goes down, some strange activity streak hits me. I’ll start typing those memos I never got around to finishing, or clean out the closets, or rearrange shelves in the study… Or fix whatever else that needs fixing. 

This is all well in the sense that stuff actually gets done – at some point. It’s just worse for my sleeping habits, when bedtime stretches into the wee hours. And that combined with a grueling early morning schedule means trouble – double.

Getting up in the mornings is hard on weekdays and on weekends there’s not much use in speaking to me before noon. I’ll be up, sure, but not in a state to answer anything – before 2 large bowls of coffee, a sturdy breakfast and some leisurely time with my computer (which nowadays substitutes the morning paper). After that, the ball slowly starts rolling and the train leaves the station.

So, at the respectable age of 39, I’ve come to realize I’m probably an evening person. Great. The only problem now is to convince everyone around me that they shouldn’t expect anything from me before noon, at the earliest. So far, no success. People still insist on having meetings at 08:00, school starts, the dog needs to go out, that heap of unanswered e-mails waits for someone to get cracking…

So, luckily there’s the occasional weekend, when you can at least create the illusion of making your own decisions about when to do what. Good night, and lets all TGIF tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Night-time thoughts

  1. noracc says:

    Yep. It’s just that the rest of the world isn’t… 😦

  2. Katti says:

    But dear CCTiger, big cats are night-time creatures!

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