Have to admit something: feeling a bit nervous. You see, I’ve reached a milestone in my life. My son is bringing home a steady-kind-serious-sort-of girlfriend. Which makes me mother-in-kind-of-law. Me? Hey, it ain’t that long ago I was a teenager myself. Or is it…? Well, ok, the mirror tells me it wasn’t yesterday, but I still FEEL young. Some days at least. 

Seeing your kids grow up – and not only that, but starting to do adult stuff, means you’re faced with the fact that you’re definitely getting older too. Which doesn’t bother me actually, since most of my life I’ve aspired to be older, more experienced, more mature, more this and more that. But still, it means that a certain part of your life has passed. A new phase is entering. Like being somebody’s mother-in-law. Pheeeuw.

Because we all know about mother-in-laws, don’t we? Meddling busybodies, sticking their nose everywhere it doesn’t belong. There’s a multitude of preconceived notions to choose from and they aren’t pretty.

Still, I was clever enough to choose a mother-in-law who’s quite the opposite of all this. But can I  live up to such expectations myself? Probably not. Will I be able to keep my mouth shut at the crucial moment? Nope, don’t think so…

The only hope I’ve got left is that my son has made an educated choice and picked someone just like me :-). Can’t complain then, can I?

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