A Happy Go Lucky Day

A word of warning to you old cynics: this post is a cry of happiness. As most of us have a talent for complaining about things (and yes, unfortunately I have to count myself in) it’s so much harder to just stop and appreciate what you’ve got. But today I really felt happy about being me, so I wanted to share that. And if you’re cringing now, do stop reading and go get some coffee. 

For those of you with tougher stomachs: earlier I had a business meeting with an old colleague. We’ve both been busy with loads of stuff and there’s been no chance for a proper reunion since I moved back to Finland. I had really looked forward to seeing her and was happy to hear she’d been missing me too. We had a long, creative talk about each other’s careers, possibilities for co-operation and future projects and all of a sudden the sky was brighter, our hearts were lighter and the world generally seemed like a much better place to be. 

I realized I’ve spent far too long cooped up alone in my dark chambers, just clicking away. I need to get out there more. Work is so much more fun when you’re surrounded by living sources of inspiration. The energy you get from support and encouragement is priceless.

That’s a well-earned lesson for someone like me, who likes to think fix-it-all-alone is the general mode of things. When you’re too busy just hammering away, you forget that creativity needs nourishment. And what’s even better is that it works both ways. A win-win situation if there ever was one!

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