Fashion faux pas

For those of you who think fashion contributes to our lives with merely superficial and shallow content, think again. The other day I walked past an outdoor ad which promoted trousers. The text read “Jeggings” and the trousers in question were a mix of – you guessed it: jeans and leggings.

A couple of years ago we wouldn’t have known this charming word, since jeggings are a relatively new phenomenon (my spell checker still thinks I’m joking).  And since wearing a pair of jeggings at my age is bound to raise some laughter, at least you can say fashion makes life more fun.

Historically, that has also been the case. Last weekend I browsed through some old boxes and came across my graduation day pics, in which I wear the following:

Some impressive shoulders eh?

And there you go: another word the world would have missed out on if it hadn’t been for fashionistas: shoulder-pads! What a wonderful invention they were. Totally meaningless of course, and rather silly looking, but hey, that’s fashion for you :-).

Still you can’t help wondering what those designers were thinking? That we’d appreciate having to go through doors sideways? That we’d feel more empowered thanks to our new, muscular selves (think East-German shot putters and you’ll get the idea…)? Seriously, wearing that jacket I couldn’t turn around without hitting anyone. But thankfully, since almost everybody else was padded up too, nobody got hurt.

I’m left in awe of what they’ll come up with next; fureens (furry jeans?), bloggers (blazers for jogging?), sweatskirts (nice for a run?), frumpers (ready-to-wear-crimpled-shirts) – the list is endless. And remember – you heard it here first!

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