A Fresh Start – again…

This winter’s been tough. We’ve moved from one country to another, I’ve jumped between various  jobs and running my own business. Blogging – even though ambitiously started out – just hasn’t fitted into the agenda. And let’s face it – the blogging experiment was just that: an experiment. And at some point I thought it perhaps just wasn’t my thing. Reality hit me: if you’re going to write on an almost daily basis, you need to have a strong agenda or something really interesting to share. From a business point of view I’m not sure I’m experienced enough to make a claim for either one of those, since we’re still in a start-up phase and have so much more to learn. And I’ve read other people’s fabulous, informative and up-to-date blogs and thought there’s no chance in hell I’ll ever compete with that.

But then I stumbled upon a great blog post by Judy Dunn (thanks to brilliant Danny Brown, who’s always generously sharing the talent he discovers) which actually – in so many words – told my story as a wannabe blogger. And then it all dawned on me: I don’t need to compete with anyone nor do I have to re-invent the wheel every time I post something. That’s not the point. The key to all good writing is starting with what’s close to you and who you are – and not with what or where you’d like to be. Or in Judy’s words:

There’s no better way to fight the Princess Syndrome than to reveal your imperfect self. That person lives in your heart—at the core of your being. Let that person out because she has some important things to say. Weird and quirky sometimes? Yeah, but it’s the part of you that connects emotionally with your readers.

I’d spent far too much time pondering what issues might be ”businesslike” enough to write about and searching for the ”right” opinions, links, thoughts and wonderful revelations to share, I never got around to writing in the first place.  So from now on I’ll stick to the advise of my far more experienced colleagues and just write about stuff that matter to me. Might it be work, family issues, Facebook, dogs, fabulous gadgets or yoga – you name it! For those of you who want your reading to be more business oriented, there are plenty of other fabulous writers to choose from (two of the best were mentioned earlier). With a little luck, I might be one of them eventually – but for now, I’ll just stick to what I know best: the mixed-up, muddled-up, crazy place called my life :-).

I’ve also been troubled by the thought of blogging partly because it’s been hard to decide which language to write in. I’ve got my 3 to choose from and all of them seem well worthwhile. But since I can’t decide between Swedish and Finnish, it has to be English. Therefore my writing here will be mainly in English from now on – with the occasional relapse, if I come across something very language specific. For that you’ll just need to forgive me :-).

One last thing though: please oversee the occasional linguistic oddities that might appear here. Because another thing I learned from Judy Dunn was that you need to quit obsessing about the language. Aim for it to be correct but don’t fret if it (sometimes) isn’t. This is hard work for someone who’s spent most of her working life correcting other people’s writing… But nevertheless I’ll try not to over-correct myself and I hope that’ll unleash some of the creativity bubbling underneath my cool and composed exterior. Or not… But I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough!

Here’s a link to Judy’s thoughts about the agonies of blogging. Brilliant! http://catseyewriter.com/2011/02/04/why-most-people-quit-blogging-the-princess-syndrome/

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