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Life back to normal

So the family returned from their adventures. It’s been ages since I’ve spent any time on my own and it was easy to see the benefits of it. That tired, cranky and downbeat mum they left behind had transformed and … Continue reading

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Clean(ing) house

After slumming it for a week, I finally started clearing out yesterday. Having finished the study and downstairs living room last night, today was fixed for cleaning. A boring job yes, but somebody’s gotta do it, right? Anyway, this is … Continue reading

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The last boxes

While the family was away, I’ve been busy tidying up the remains of our move. Finally got the last boxes out yesterday and boy did that feel feng shui!  Now all that’s left is getting rid of the pile of … Continue reading

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Been to the gym lately? Then you’ll be all too familiar with these…

Having been a fitness fanatic for almost 20 years I’ve started to consider myself somewhat of an expert on different sports types. My particular favourite is The Instructor. Instructors come in many shapes and forms: 1) The Diva. She strolls … Continue reading

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Who’s pulling who? Frustrated dog owner spills the beans

I swear if I come across another dog owner whose pet is growling, showing its teeth and jumping at me, while his owner smiles lamely and says “he’s just so playful…” I will commit manslaughter. What’s with these people?? Seriously … Continue reading

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A Fresh Start – again…

This winter’s been tough. We’ve moved from one country to another, I’ve jumped between various  jobs and running my own business. Blogging – even though ambitiously started out – just hasn’t fitted into the agenda. And let’s face it – … Continue reading

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