Fun outing at Ikea

I experienced a new height of customer service brilliance yesterday whilst trying to purchase chairs at Ikea. The ones I wanted had been placed on the wrong shelf and I was informed (by an approx. 14 year old, gum-chewing staff member) that due to security requirements it was impossible to lift them to the right shelf, where I could have picked them up. So I was told to come back the next day, when the chairs would be loaded correctly.

Obedient as I am, I did return, only to find that the correct shelf had indeed been stocked – with the wrong chairs. Once again I duly stood in line to customer service, only to be asked to – guess what: come back the next day… By now I should of course have said: **** you and to hell with your chairs! However, since I’m the unfortunate owner of 2 chairs in desperate need for their pairs, I seem to be more or less married to this establishment. So, tomorrow will dawn and – probably – find me in line for some more frustration.

This rather irritating and slightly amusing story made me realize that I sincerely hope my own business never grows too big for flexibility. When did Ikea start to think more about their rules and regulations and less about serving their customers?

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One Response to Fun outing at Ikea

  1. Katti says:

    Sounds like any store in this (the World’s Best!!) country…

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